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A remote valley, lost among green meadows and leafy beech forests, where an endless number of paths and trails can be found. Water flows at your feet and leaves and branches rustle with the passage of deers and roe deers.

Through a forest clearing you can glimpse the svelte Urrieles Massif and the Cornion cut buy white and lime-filled silhouettes reaching the top of the sky in the background. Eight tiny villages of humble people and stone cottages are scattered between the paths, at the whim of the river Cares.

In the summer of 1984 a youngster local from Santa Marina, inspired by the beauty of its surrounding, managed to make his dream come true: creating a camping site where people could feel nature in all its magnificence, being at the same time the scene of a relationship between adventure, knowledge, respect and love, where mankind could free himself from the worldly chains, feeling the emotion of the deep connection with nature.

For the daring and the adventurous, for those who are looking for harmony, rest and relax, El Cares Campsite is the place.

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