On the top of the highest side of Valle de Valdeón, (1200 m high), right in the campsite, are scattered the hillsides and the huts along de river Arenal, the main tributary of river Cares, a stream that flows among bends, waterfalls and cascades, creating a constant and natural symphony.

The latest is surrounded by 25 different species of plants and trees that offer a play of lights and shadows for the campers to camp as they wish; since it is a National Park it hasn’t been necessary to parceled up, giving the camping site a more natural character.

Two picnic sites can be found by the river, where some nice local bread and a piece of cheese from Valdeón make great appetizers.

From the campsite you can get an amazing view of the top of Picos de Europa, a privilege indeed.

The huts, similar to the ones described in the Brothers Grimm’s tales, are made of wood or brick and are scattered in isolation round the best locations in the camping. They are 4 bed huts divided in 2 bunk beds.

As a novelty, expecting to open our campsite beyond the summer season, we have provided the huts with a heating system.


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