Located in the heart of the Valdeón Valley of the province of León in Picos de Europa, is a small town called Santa Marina de Valdeón. Surrounded by mountains, water and vegetation which paints a beautiful image of wildlife and a distinct untouched landscape. Deer are abundant here and so are the colourful wild flowers. And so, because of its pure environment, amongst other secrets that are kept deep within the woods, those who visit Camping el Cares discover a divine connection with nature. The local town food also has a distinct charm as well, alongside multiple available activities in this paradise, you’re sure to feel close to heaven.

Mountain orienteering: the most crucial of skills.

Orienteering up in the mountains is key to safely navigating through Picos de Europa. The Valdeón Valley boasts incredible scenery. If you ever have the opportunity to hike around this region, it is a fantastically enriching experience. Mountain orientation techniques. There are many ways to orientate yourself within the realm of mother nature without the […]

Horse riding in the Valdeón Valley, the heart of Picos de Europa

Horse riding is a relaxing way to connect with Valdeón’s natural beauty. Picos de Europa is a natural paradise and so one of the best ways to get around with minimal effort and revel in its beauty is on horseback. Lose yourself in the stream filled beech tree forests which surround our campsite. This unforgettable […]

Winter treks in Picos de Europa

 Winter excursion through Valdeón Valley The snow treks available are ideal for novice hikers and traverse one of Spain’s biggest natural environments. Amongst the many treks on offer is the famed and time-honoured Valdeón Snowshoeing. The event takes place on the first Saturday of March every year. After recent snowstorms, this year there is ample […]

Vía Ferrata de Valdeon: live the vertigo

If you like adventure, nature and enjoying the flora and fauna closely, in an unspoilt emplacement far from the crowd, this is your place.
Today we are going to tell you about a unique route, the Vía Ferrata de Cordiñanes, simple and ideal for those who want to start practicing these type of itineraries that combine wonderfully vertical and horizontal stretches.

The El Cares trail

It is the most popular route in Picos de Europa, connecting the Leonese town Posada de Valdeón with the Asturian one, Poncebos. The path is 18km long but easy to go through since there are not many slopes (around 720m decending and 100m going up) which allows everyone to enjoy the walk regardless of how fit you are.