Valdeón Festivals: The magical traditions in Picos de Europa.

Disfruta las fiestas y tradiciones de Valdeón Amongst tall, rugged mountain tops and imposing nature, sits the Valdeón Valley. A magical place with ample custom, tradition, and celebration. The Valley is a nirvana which will help you blissfully forget the world and feel at home with mother nature. Enjoy this stunning setting with Camping El […]

The Covadonga and Santina lakes: everything there is to see and do.

If you plan to visit Asturias, you simply cannot miss Covadonga Park. It is one of the biggest natural wonders not only in Asturias, but the whole of Spain. Come and visit the Covadonga and Santina Lakes. The Covadonga Lakes are three glacial lakes (Lake Enol, Lake Ercina and Lake Bricial) that sit within the […]

Wholesome tourism, “a lifelong gift”

Naturalist intelligence, meaning the sentience to appreciate the subtleties of the countryside, is one of the most important traits you can instil in your child through environmental education. Simple things, like spending time together as a family camping in the Picos de Europa National Park, can be invaluable in your child’s development. Tourism with health […]

Anillo de Picos: a compelling journey in to the depths of Picos de Europa.

The spectacular Anillo de Picos route explores the different preserved mountain huts in the complex mountain range terrain of Picos de Europa, making it a gripping hike. Anillo de Picos offers three alternative circular hiking trials which lead on to each other: El Anillo Vindio, El Anillo Extrem and El Anillo Tres Macizos. When strung […]

The Hórreos de Valdeón, a charming feature.

The Hórreos throw the times The Hórreos de Valdeón are age old granaries although now a days they do not store any food. What they do hold is an impressionable antiquity and a quaint beauty which captivates its onlookers. The Valdeón Valley is home to 83 hórreos which vary in structure. Their peculiar architecture, like […]