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Raquetada de Valdeón

Snowrackets through Picos de Europa

The natural open space that surrounds the Valle de Valdeón is ideal to do snowrackets trails to explore the marvellous mountains and forests that compose the Picos de Europa, an environment that suffices to create experiences for those who crave a breath of fresh air.

As every year, the Valle de Valdeón organizes its spectacular Raquetada through Picos de Europa. This year there are LIMITED PLAZES, so it is advisable to carry out The reservation through the council of Valdeon:

If you are interested in renting equipment to participate in the Valdeón snowrackets, you can do it with Tobaventura, a trusted adventure company. You can also do guided tours at any other time.

We as a establishment will not be open.

Routes with snowshoes in the Picos de Europa

We hope to have an awesome time, like every year!