Family hikes in Picos de Europa

See the Valdeón Valley from a unique perspective

Hiking through the mountains has always been one of the easiest and most effective ways to fully immerse oneself in nature. Whether you are a child embarking on your first family trip, or an adult who has hiked all over the globe, every encounter in the Valdeón valley is novel and educational. Eco-tourism is fun for the whole family and it’s never too late to start to enjoy its physical and mental benefits.

Wonder at the peculiarities of the Picos.

Picos de Europa National Park is home to magnificently long and winding walking trails. Starting at Camping el Cares, we offer a ‘guided hike’ along one of the nearby routes with our team of expert biologists who are members of the Spanish conservation group ‘GNature’. With their help, all the family will be able to unravel the many natural secrets hidden along the trail!

Along the route we discuss the history of the Picos de Europa National Park and the Valdeón Valley. We also refer to the vegetation and fauna in the area and try to catch a glimpse of the wild animals living near the campsite. However, as the wildlife are often skittish, we will help you to find and identify the different animal tracks which they leave in their wake.

Family Hikes: what the day entails

The hike starts and ends at the campsite and lasts approximately two hours, which makes it the perfect hike for families. The most adventurous of campers shouldn’t be put off by the short duration of the hike as it is jam packed with a diverse range of ecosystems which are not to be missed.

The trail begins with a path through a dense beech tree forest. Here we will discuss various species of plants local to the area and how to identify them as well as searching for animal tracks.

The path follows on crossing the River Arenal, which flows in to the River Cares, and joins on to some ancient paths used by the Valdeón Valley residents. There we will talk about its history and what life was really like in the mountains for its early inhabitants.

The last stretch of the hike is downhill towards the small town of Santa Marina de Valdeón along a grassy path with occasional woodland areas. In the forest openings we will be able to put our senses to the test and once again search for local fauna. When we arrive in to the town we’ll see and talk about the more urban wildlife, its conservation and its importance.

Come and discover our Eco-Circuit!

We want our visitors to enjoy fully sustainable tourism in Picos de Europa and to feel that it is a truly unique experience. Children who come and discover these experiences will no doubt want to return for more and carry on learning in nature.

The Eco-Circuit is designed specifically for younger children. We strive to provide them with the opportunity to get close to the fascinations of the natural world. The circuit looks to promote an understanding of nature through fun and social activities. We invite adults to broaden their horizons and become aware of their environment. What better place to start than this picturesque National Park?