Nature workshops and family eco-tourism in Picos de Europa

Would you like to learn and get the most out of you ventures in to nature?

Are you passionate with a hunger to learn? Do you want your little ones to share your appetite for the outdoors?

Then come and take part in our exciting nature workshops!

Our workshops are a fun way to discover and enjoy nature with your family. Both adults and children alike are guaranteed to learn something new as they unearth the importance of eco-tourism. Whether you’re into understanding and following animal tracks, the different properties and uses of flora, or if you simply would like to improve your orienteering skills on the trail, we can be sure to help. Choose your workshop and get discovering!

Animal tracking workshops

When we venture out into the countryside our attention is usually caught by the sky as we often look for great birds as they swoop down. Small creatures scurrying around in the undergrowth are often missed. What many people don’t know is that the earth itself can give clues about the creatures which live there!
With our Animal tracking workshop, all the family will know all about the animals living in in this here environment through the tracks they leave behind. You can imprint the experience forever in your memory and take a track home with you!
Which animal’s pawprint is this? What animal has eaten seeds? You’ll find out the answers to these questions and many more in our workshop.

Fauna and Flora identification workshop.

“Mum! Dad! What’s this?” shows curiosity in children. Thanks to our Flora and Fauna Identification Workshop you will know how to answer such questions as the little ones learn. Feed their interest! This workshop has that special something, and that something is developed and encouraged all through the campsite. We learn whilst breathing fresh air and seeing the bursting life in nature first hand. Revel in nature and leave no stone unturned in our family workshop!

Orienteering Workshop.

Do you want to feel like an authentic adventurer?

With our help you’ll improve your orienteering skills old school style, without depending on technology. In our Orienteering Workshop we’ll show you how to interpret certain natural signs, read maps and a few tricks to orientate yourself in the countryside if you find yourself without the essentials. A compass will be your best friend!

 With our help you’ll lose yourself without getting lost!

Bird nesting box Workshop

We have a vast diversity of animals, but from time to time we must lend a hand to help them escape and survive precarious situations. In this workshop we aim to help to improve the living conditions of wildlife. You don’t need to be particularly handy to join in, you’ll just need enthusiasm and the expert guidance which we provide. In this workshop we make bird boxes for our avian friends to nest in. These nests are hung up around the campsite to help our surrounding wildlife.

These skills can be taken away to make birdboxes at home. You’ll soon have new neighbours!,

Bird feeder Workshop.

In this forever changing era, many species of birds are being affected as their foods are not being made available to them. To solve this issue we will show you how to make bird feeders which do not only help many species of bird find food, but also increases biodiversity near your home. If you have any leftover wood and can recycle it by making bird feeders, you will be helping the environment even more. Together, we make bird feeders to place around the campsite so that campers can enjoy the area’s birds up close, as well as showing you how to make them so that you can make your own at home. By taking part in these workshops, you will discover new and useful knowledge to use when out in the wilderness. Also, in the ECO-Circuit, you’ll have the opportunity to put your skills in to practice thanks to the games and hiking route. Are you ready to have a brilliant time? This is just the start of what could be a fantastic hobby. If you are interested in the activities you can do at El Cares campsite