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A remote valley, lost amongst green meadows and dense beech tree forests, where an endless number of paths and trails are found. Fresh water flows at your feet, leaves and branches rustle as wild deer pass by. Visible through a forest clearing, the slender Urrieles Massif peaks and the famed Cornión stand out as white and limestone coloured silhouettes which stretch upwards touching the sky. Eight stone cottage hamlets home to humble communities are scattered along country paths at the mercy of the River Cares. In the summer of 1984 a young man hailing from Santa Marina, inspired by the city´s surrounding beauty, succeeded in making his dream come true. His vision was to create a campsite in which people would experience nature in all its splendour, and would serve as the birthplace of a spiritual relation between adventure, knowledge, respect and love. A place where man could free itself from worldly chains by virtue of a deep connection to nature.

For the bold and the adventurous who desire harmony, peace and tranquillity, El Cares Campsite is the perfect retreat.

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