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Camping el Cares Picos de Europa

There are landscapes that are fascinating. One of them is Picos de Europa. No matter how much you have been told about its beauty, no matter how many photos or reports have thrilled your eyes, nothing compares to breathing the oxygen of a nature that in its purest state enlivens our senses.

There are the beech trees with their play of colours, the chestnut and oak trees as witnesses of time, the hazelnut trees generous in straight branches with the vocation of walking sticks to climb to the summits, those that kiss the sky.

There are the roads and paths through the woods, there is the water jumping between the rocks and humming crystal sonatas.

There the mother earth that is covered with green carpets, there the red sunsets and the nights of moons and stars…

In the summer of 1984, a young man born in Santa Marina de Valdeón, inspired by the attraction of a setting that contemplates the peaks of Urriellu, Cornión and Friero and a stone’s throw from the Cares gorge, managed to bring a dream to life with his efforts:

To create a space where people could feel nature in all its splendour and serve as the setting for a relationship of adventure, knowledge, respect and love, where man could give free rein to his emotions without urban ties.

We take care of this place baptised as Camping el Cares, which since then has never ceased to put itself at the service of nature in order to offer it, without altering it, to all those who wish to come here. But be careful, this space is trapping!