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Camping with Electricity

Not Parceled
Electricity Socket: Yes
Bathroom: Yes. At the camping facilities.


Camping without Electricity

Not Parceled
Electricity Socket: No
Bathroom: Yes. At the camping facilities.



Max Capacity 4 persons
Kitchen: No
Bathroom: Yes. At the camping facilities.Heating: Yes


Caravan El Cares

Max Capacity: 6 Persons
Heating: Yes.
Kitchen: Yes
Bathroom: Yes


Services & Activities


Price per Person
3 hours: 40€ per person.
Whole Day: 50€ per person.


ECO Circuit



Vía Ferrata

Qualified Instructors
Includes equipment
For all levels



Qualified Instructors
Includes equipment
For all levels


Camping El Cares is the best destination to discover the Picos de Europa, its fauna and flora. Join this memorable adventure!

An endless number of routes and activities with which you can get to know the Picos de Europa in detail and enjoy nature in a unique and unforgettable way, alone, as a couple, with family or friends.

Camping El Cares offers you a wide variety of accommodation and services so that all you have to do is enjoy your holidays.


Upgrading & Growing

Since 1984, thanks to our customers, every year the family of Camping El Cares grows offering a wide variety of services, activities and events for all ages.


Happy customers

Our location offers our visitors the best starting point to discover the Picos de Europa at its best.

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Breathtaking mountains, hiking and mountain biking, activities for children and adults that will take your passion for nature to another level.

What Our Customers Say

  • Uleman Bjorgensen

    Used to Norwegian geography, I was looking for new routes and a warmer weather. Thanks to Camping El Cares I have restored my passion for hiking and they have given us a marvellous service. Besides, we have had the opportunity to discover the cuisine of northern Spain; something I recommend to everyone.

  • James Cardigang

    I live in Las Vegas and I have always had the dream of doing a route through a European country with more forest and mountains.

    Searching for information on the Internet I came across the website of Camping El Cares. When I arrived to Spain and visited the campsite, my mouth was agape for hours. It was magnificent and impressive. At the El Cares campsite we were received wonderfully and they explained everything about the Picos de Europa, its fauna and flora. Carlos, the manager, is a very nice person who took very good care of us. It is a pleasure to talk with him and to discover everything he knows about the surroundings.

  • Silvy Van Derbalt

    We visited the camping with my husband and children. We love nature but we don’t have mountains in the Netherlands.

    It’s our first time and I can promise that it won’t be the last time El Cares campsite.

    The surroundings are beautiful, activities for children and adults such as games and routes and we discovered by chance that the week we were going to spend at the campsite, the Musicares was being celebrated. A music festival organised by the campsite with local and other musicians from Spain. It was a magical experience with friendly people from all over the world, good local food and live music.

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