Electric mountain bikes in Picos de Europa

Electric bicycles in the Picos de Europa are the best means of transport. It also cares for the environment and helps us to practice sustainable mobility: it reduces air pollution, the ecological footprint, carbon emissions and, as well as being healthy, it’s a lot of fun. Come and practice ecotourism in the Valdeón Valley!

From Camping el Cares, we propose the electric bicycle as the best option to enjoy the winding surroundings of Picos de Europa and especially the Valdeón Valley.

There are many advantages that encourage us to use an e-bike and to get to know the Valdeón Valley, we propose a route that we are sure will fascinate all those who dare to experience it. Would you like us to start preparing for the adventure?

electric bicycles in the Picos de Europa

During the journey you will learn some curiosities about the history, customs and festivities that brightened up the life of the humble inhabitants of these lands. You will visit some places of architectural, ethnological and even mythological interest, where only the imagination can determine the veracity of the facts. And, of course, we will finish by following the famous Cares route, a route of unparalleled beauty.

Your mouth is watering and we haven’t even started!

Descent to Cain, first stage of the Cares Route, Picos de Europa, by electric bike

The most interesting thing is that you will start enjoying from minute one, from the moment you take your first pedal on our electric mountain bikes, which offer the safety and comfort you need to feel first-hand the wildest nature in the heart of the Picos de Europa National Park. The descent is on safe and well signposted paths, and sometimes you can opt for a forest track.

Directions for the descent to Cain

We start the route from the campsite itself. Once we have crossed the bridge we take the old road down to Posada de Valdeón, on the left hand side.

In about 3 km we will have passed Prada, and a little further on, after the church of Posada, we will turn left. After about 50 m, turn right. From this point, we can follow the parallel white and yellow signs.

A little further on, turn left to cross a small bridge over the river Cares. And here, a forest track of about three kilometres begins, which ends in a path, leaving us a little further down from Cordiñanes. This trail has some points where it makes the most sense to get off the bike and walk a few metres.

From here on, the best thing to do is to enjoy the asphalt. This is a small winding road, which will take us to the village of Cain.

Interesting stops in the Valdeón Valley

You can also visit some of the villages along the way, such as Prada de Valdeón, Posada de Valdeón and finally Caín, where you will enjoy beautiful medieval-style stone houses, old churches and picturesque hórreos, where grain used to be stored. There are a few points of interest that we recommend you stop off at.

Mirador del Tombo viewpoint

Corona Hermitage

Chorco de los lobos (traditional wolf trap)

The views are so overwhelming that we must not allow our attention to be diverted from driving. There is always the opportunity to stop and enjoy and even take a photograph in complete safety.

electric bikes for rent in the Picos de Europa

The Cares Gorge

Once in Cain, the first stage ends and you will be able to store your bikes in one of the guarded car parks in the area.

Another option is to leave them at Albergue Diablo de la Peña, where you can have a snack and replenish fluids and mineral salts before starting to walk along the Cares route. At the same time you formalise your lunch reservation. It should be taken into account that in the middle of summer the restaurants in the area are full.

The Cares Gorge is not demanding in itself as it is a flat and easy route. However, it may be difficult to do it all the way (24km) due to its length. For this reason, and because the first 6 km are the most interesting, we recommend that the route is easy and that you save your energy for the return journey.

A stop for lunch and back to the campsite

After satisfying our most primal instincts with the succulent gastronomy of the area, we will get ready to really put the electric bikes to the test.

As you have already seen on the descent to Cain, the gradient is worthy of the most intrepid and experienced cyclists. An unthinkable slope for 90% of mortals. Today, thanks to pedal-assist electric bicycles, we can take on this challenge without it being an extreme challenge. We will tackle the ascent without suffering, transforming the bitter part of the route into a pleasure almost as pleasant as the descent.

Our advice is that the return journey should be made entirely on the road. From Posada de Valdeón, we can pass through Prada de Valdeón and enjoy the charm of this small village. From Prada to Santa Marina de Valdeón, we will avoid the new road. We will try to go up the old road, it is safer as there are no cars normally circulating.

As well as enjoying the scenery, listening to the flowing waters of the Cares or the birds singing. This is undoubtedly the best way to get around a National Park without disturbing its inhabitants.

Cyclists climbing a hill on electric bicycles in the Picos de Europa

Rental prices of electric bicycles to move around Picos de Europa:

1 hour…………………………………………………… 25€

3 hours…………………………………………………… 40€

Whole day…………………………………………. 50€

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