Courses, workshops and retreats in Picos de Europa


Camping el Cares has the ideal characteristics for courses, workshops, spiritual retreats, company meetings in the Picos de Europa.

It is a magical spot in the heart of Picos de Europa. It is surrounded by beautiful beech and oak forests, watered by the river Cares and its tributaries, and at the foot of hundreds of mountains. It may be the best place to develop activities in full connection with nature.

An ideal place for families to enjoy learning in a unique environment.

Some of our regular activities

English courses for families, with activities such as the ecological architecture workshop, using materials collected in nature, the interpretation of maps, orienteering treasure hunts, and learning about the rural environment.

Learning English while playing is the best way to motivate children to learn this new language. And if we do it as a family, we manage to normalise learning and generate a positive attitude.

The beech forest that surrounds us is home to many treasures rich in colours, textures and unique shapes that, with a little imagination, can be used to create souvenirs to take home.

In this course we will learn English, develop creativity in nature and have fun with the family. All this will help you make the most of your holidays in a unique environment.

Family yoga course and healthy eating in Picos de Europa

We will practice this ancient discipline by strengthening our muscles and joints. We will open the energy channels enjoying the greatness of mother Earth.

We will enjoy every experience with mindfulness. We will discover the benefit of awakening full consciousness in every activity we do, no matter how routine it may be, it will be like tasting it for the first time.

PALITROQUES is an architectural workshop in Picos de Europa.

Using geodesic shapes, we will build fixed and resistant geometric structures.

PALITROQUES is a course in architecture and applied geometry, developed from a didactic resource based on a constructive system of slats for the assembly of structures.

There are different lengths of palitroques, differentiated by colour, which respond to specific geometric proportions.

We will put into practice subjects as theoretical and abstract as geometry, mathematics and physics.

This didactic resource, developed on the basis of architecture, will help us to understand the fundamentals of these subjects in an easy and entertaining way.


We are in the process of determining the dates for each of the courses we will run this summer. We will let you know very soon from our social networks.

New Theoretical and practical course on Geodetic Structures from 16 July to 19 July 2020. Info and bookings


Workshop on creativity and environmental art in English (language immersion), from 21 to 22 July 2020. Info and bookings


Yoga workshop for families, 22-25 July 2020. Info and bookings


For academies, gyms, teachers or organisers of events in nature, who want to use our facilities for the development of their activities, this year you can do so at no additional cost. We also give you a 15% discount on accommodation.

You can stay in our cabins or in tents, and we can prepare menus for groups.

We can also help you to disseminate the proposed course, workshop or conference.

Ask us about availability.

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