The client may desist from the services requested or contracted, assuming the following clauses that are included in the cancellation conditions:

If the client notifies more than one week in advance of the impossibility of attending, the amount paid will be saved as a reserve fund within the current year.

Once the year has passed if the client has not stayed at the campsite, the fund will be lost.

In case the client does not want to save the amount paid as a reserve fund, 100% of the first night will be charged and the rest will be returned, provided that the client has notified more than one week in advance of the impossibility to attend.
The non-presentation of the client / s on the agreed date or notification less than a week in advance, will imply the loss of the amount paid in the reservation by the client / s.
From the confirmation of the reservation, the client will expressly assume all of these General Conditions and Cancellation Conditions.

In the event that a person registers another, he assumes in each of these General Conditions and Cancellation Conditions in his / her name / s.

The same policy is applicable in the case of stay reductions corresponding to the reservation made.
In the case of reductions of camping stay, will be charged € 2 per night.
The client can claim the amount of the reservation for the stay not enjoyed if it is not possible to accommodate customers in our facilities due to extreme weather conditions or other circumstances beyond the campsite.

In these circumstances, the campsite is not obliged to seek  the expenses of an alternative accommodation.