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Cooking outdoors in Picos de Europa

Are you ready to take your culinary skills to the next level amidst the breathtaking nature of the Picos de Europa? The workshop we propose is designed for all audiences, from families with children, couples or with your group of friends. Get ready for an unforgettable culinary adventure with Unplugged Outdoor at Camping el Cares […]

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Camping with dogs

Tips on how to get the holiday of your dreams. Do you want to go camping with your dog and have no problems? More and more people, nature lovers, are deciding to go camping with your dog and do outdoor activities and routes. If you are one of them, make it a great experience for […]

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Electric mountain bikes in Picos de Europa

Electric bicycles in the Picos de Europa are the best means of transport. It also cares for the environment and helps us to practice sustainable mobility: it reduces air pollution, the ecological footprint, carbon emissions and, as well as being healthy, it’s a lot of fun. Come and practice ecotourism in the Valdeón Valley! From […]

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Valdeón Valley, ornithological paradise

Picos de Europa, home to numerous ornithological species There are numerous ornithological species that you can observe in the Picos de Europa National Park, most of them without leaving the Valdeón Valley. From Camping el Cares we offer you the opportunity to learn a little more about the birds and the landscape that surrounds us […]

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Ecotourism in Picos de Europa, a gift for life

Ecotourism in the Picos de Europa is the best way to enhance the naturalist intelligence, , the sensitivity to appreciate the details of landscape and vegetation, one of the most important skills you can instill in your child through the environmental educationThis is achieved by making a sustainable and healthy tourism. A simple activity, such […]

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  The Cares Route, the Divine Gorge. In this article we make a summary of everything you need to know to make the Cares Route, suitable for all audiences. We will talk about the route, places of interest, stages, slope, difficulty and some other recommendations. We hope you find it useful. The Cares Route is […]

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The hórreos of Valdeón, a touch of personality

The hórreo through the ages The hórreos of Valdeón no longer store food, but they harbor an indelible antiquity and a very picturesque beauty that invades and transports any spectator. The Valdeón Valley preserves 83 hórreos, which show a variety of structures. Their peculiar shape, as well as the noble materials with which they were […]

World Music

Latin jazz – Flamenco – Bossanova With the theme of “World Music” we want to offer different musical styles that enjoy a recognized prestige, Latin Jazz, Flamenco, Bossanova… but in reality, what really enhances this first edition of the World Music Festival MusiCares, is to have very special artists who reveal their personality with such […]

Supermarket in the Valdeón Valley

The supermarket of Camping El Cares, located in Santa Marina, in the Valdeón Valley, Picos de Europa, opens its doors for another year! It is one of the few supermarkets in the Valdeon Valley, located in the reception building of the campsite, this store has food items of all kinds. You can find everything you […]

MusiCares 2023, World Music Festival

We are back with the third edition of our most popular summer event, MusiCares is the World Music Festival in the Picos de Europa. The MusiCares Festival is back!!!! This year we have great artists who will transport us to distant countries but without forgetting our homeland… we will enjoy the Jazz We will let […]

Discover an authentic mountain campsite

About the location of a mountain campsite The fact that we are in Santa Marina de Valdeón, the highest village in the Picos de Europa, at an altitude of 1200 metres, surrounded by leafy beech forests and the imposing limestone walls of the central and western massifs (the Urrieles and the Cornión), places us in […]