Located in the heart of the Valdeón Valley of the province of León in Picos de Europa, is a small town called Santa Marina de Valdeón. Surrounded by mountains, water and vegetation which paints a beautiful image of wildlife and a distinct untouched landscape. Deer are abundant here and so are the colourful wild flowers. And so, because of its pure environment, amongst other secrets that are kept deep within the woods, those who visit Camping el Cares discover a divine connection with nature. The local town food also has a distinct charm as well, alongside multiple available activities in this paradise, you’re sure to feel close to heaven.

Ecotourism in Picos de Europa, a gift for life

Ecotourism in the Picos de Europa is the best way to enhance naturalist intelligence. That is the sensitivity to appreciate the details of the landscape and vegetation, one of the most important skills you can instil in your child through environmental education. You get this by making sustainable tourism and at the same time healthy. […]

Circular trail Camping the Cares, in Picos de Europa

If you have arrived at Camping el Cares you will already have a slight idea of the wealth of trail in the Picos de Europa and the Valdeón Valley. Surely you will be eager to get lost on the trails to discover all the magic that comes out of the raw nature that abounds in […]

Discover an authentic mountain campsite

About the location of a mountain campsite The fact that we are in Santa Marina de Valdeón, the highest village in the Picos de Europa, at an altitude of 1200 metres, surrounded by leafy beech forests and the imposing limestone walls of the central and western massifs (the Urrieles and the Cornión), places us in […]

Give the gift of ecotourism experiences in Picos de Europa

Giving a gift can sometimes be an impossible mission. It is very ungrateful to invest time and money only for the gift to turn out to be a disappointment. More and more people are deciding to give ecotourism experiences as a gift, in which you are contributing to improving the environment and also favoring sustainable […]