Located in the heart of the Valdeón Valley of the province of León in Picos de Europa, is a small town called Santa Marina de Valdeón. Surrounded by mountains, water and vegetation which paints a beautiful image of wildlife and a distinct untouched landscape. Deer are abundant here and so are the colourful wild flowers. And so, because of its pure environment, amongst other secrets that are kept deep within the woods, those who visit Camping el Cares discover a divine connection with nature. The local town food also has a distinct charm as well, alongside multiple available activities in this paradise, you’re sure to feel close to heaven.

Camping with your dog. Tips for a dream holiday.

Do you want to go camping with your dog and not have any problems? More and more people, nature lovers, are deciding to go camping with your dog and do routes and outdoor activities. If you are one of them, make it a great experience for you and your pet following these TIPS. What to […]

Safe accommodation during Covid: Camping

Zero Covid cases in 2020. We all would love to go on holiday this summer, but which is the most covid-safe accommodation during the pandemic? Be it through luck or by chance; we thankfully did not have any covid cases on our campsite during the 2020 season. We believe that this could be due to […]

Electric mountain bikes in Picos de Europa

The bicycle is a fantastic means of transport that cares for the environment and helps us to practice sustainable mobility: it reduces air pollution, our ecological footprint, carbon emissions and, in addition to being a form of healthy exercise, is a lot of fun!  From Camping el Cares, we recommend electric bikes as the best […]

Courses and workshops in Picos de Europa

Courses and workshops in Picos de Europa The ideal space for outdoor activities. Camping el Cares is the perfect setting for courses, workshops, spiritual retreats and conferences. A place in the heart of Picos de Europa which allows us to connect with nature during activities. The ideal space for families to enjoy and learn in […]


The course takes place at the El Cares campsite, (see dossier) located in the Valdeón valley in the southern part of the Picos de Europa. It is an undoubtedly unique and beautiful place surrounded by nature, where we can enjoy its landscapes and numerous trekking routes. Available accommodation options are: four-person cabins (until capacity is […]