Interpreted family routes in Picos de Europa

Get to know the Valdeón Valley in a different way

Hiking has always been one of the most sustainable and satisfying ways to be in contact with nature, and doing it with the family and in the Picos de Europa is a real luxury. Whether you are a child on your first family outing or an experienced adult, every contact will be new and educational. It’s never too late to start enjoying healthy tourism, where you not only have fun, but also get physical and mental benefits.

Get to know the singularities of Picos de Europa

In the Picos de Europa National Park, there are long and impressive routes to walk from top to bottom. From Camping el Cares we offer you to do one of them together with our team of biologists, members of the GNature group. The whole family will be able to unravel every detail of nature and landscape!

During the tour we will talk about the history of the Picos de Europa National Park and the Valdeón Valley, the flora of the area and we will try to observe the fauna that is close to the campsite. As wildlife is often elusive, we will also help you to read the tracks and traces it leaves in our environment.

Family routes in Picos de Europa, what they consist of:

This route starts and ends at the Cares campsite, and lasts approximately two hours, which makes it perfect for the whole family. Don’t worry if the more adventurous ones find it short! We will pass through a number of different ecosystems along the way.

We will start with a walk through a beech forest, where we will talk about various plant species and how to tell them apart. We will also look for traces of the fauna that inhabits them.

We will continue crossing the river Arenal, a feeder of the river Cares, and we will walk along ancient paths used by the inhabitants of the valley of Valdeón. We will tell you a little about its history and what life was like in the mountains.

We will continue down to the village of Santa Marina de Valdeón along a meadow path with patches of forest where we will sharpen our senses in search of wildlife. When we get to the village we will see and talk about urban fauna, its importance and conservation.

ECO-Circuit Come and discover it!

Family routes through the Picos de Europa, a seed for life

We want our visitors to be able to enjoy sustainable tourism and to experience it in a different way. That the children who live this experience will want to repeat it and continue learning from nature.

The ECO-circuit, designed especially for the little ones. We will approach the fascinating world of nature. Through real awareness-raising, that grows within each of us in a fun and social way. We want adults to broaden their horizons and continue to satisfy their curiosity about the environment. What better place to start than this beautiful National Park?

If you wish to know more about nature with children, we recommend the Wildkids website. You can buy a copy of “Routes with children Picos de Europa” in our physical shop at the campsite.

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