Latin jazz – Flamenco – Bossanova

With the theme of “World Music” we want to offer different musical styles that enjoy a recognized prestige, Latin Jazz, Flamenco, Bossanova… but in reality, what really enhances this first edition of the World Music Festival MusiCares, is to have very special artists who reveal their personality with such sincerity that the result is none other than beauty, authenticity and admiration.


Here are the artists who will be joining us at this year’s edition of the MusiCares World Music Festival.

Rita Ojanguren

I am a singer and composer, born and raised in Asturias, where I am currently living again, after several years abroad. I have performed on stages in Berlin (Karneval der Kulturen), Brazil (Pró-Saber), Tunisia (Sofar Sounds Tunis) and London (Rich Mix, King’s College), from where I have brought with me different influences to my own register and playing. Although my main instrument is the voice, I accompany myself on Spanish guitar and minor percussion, introducing rhythmic elements, chords and melodies of Brazilian and jazz influence in a warm and intimate tone. Among my references are women like Fiona Apple, Mercedes Sosa or Laura Marling. (more info)

Diego Paqué

Born in Bilbao, he spent his childhood in towns in Andalusia.
Son of María el Merguizo, he has been singing at the bar of a tavern since his early years. He learns to speak by singing when he repeats the couplets taught to him by the parishioners.
Since he was a child he has lived in different parts of the country with voices, accents, tones and languages tinged with very diverse cultural expressions that are the school of formation of this self-taught, versatile and versatile author.
authentic. Kaleidoscope of sounds that Diego infuses in his multidisciplinary art from genuine flamenco to other world music.
Accompanied by his guitar, Merguiza, cante and toque merge as one on stage.
Musicians and artists from diverse disciplinary backgrounds complement each other’s charisma and commitment in songs expressed in an orchestral manner.
He unravels them with his original and particular voice of high-pitched timbres in memorable live performances where he sings, plays, talks, whispers and improvises.
His creations, never linear, arouse sensitivity or provoke rapture. (more info)

Francis Ligero

Stages all over the world are witness to a dedication and professionalism that exude strength and emotion. Francis Ligero (Málaga and Elche) comes from an Andalusian family, with roots in Málaga and Jaén. Encouraged by his father, a great flamenco enthusiast, he began to exploit his potential as a musician and singer at the young age of 9, when he and his brother José Ligero, a flamenco guitarist, created their own group, which led them to travel all over Europe spreading flamenco culture. As a result of these journeys, they eventually took up residence in Switzerland.

After returning to Spain, where he continued his training as a self-taught musician, through hard work, dedication and love of flamenco, Francis Ligero is recognised by countless artists and groups of national and international renown with whom he works and collaborates, including his collaborations with: Jorge Pardo, Juan Ramírez, Celia Flores, Juan Habichuela, Frasquito, El niño de Elche, Carlos Curro Antonio and Pepe Piñana-Pepín Salazar, Abdón Alcaraz, La Negra, Las Bautistas, Manuela Carrasco and Serge Dacosse among other artists. (more info)


Vaudí was born in Recife, Brazil, and at a very young age he began to show his interest as a musician.
He began playing the drums as a child and later adopted the violão (Spanish guitar) as his own instrument, with which he began to develop his skills. Drumming is also part of his musical background due to the importance it has in all Brazilian music, and he plays the rebolo, pandeiro, ganzá, agogô, tamborim, surdo… In Brazil he is part of numerous musical groups with which he performs as a singer, guitarist and percussionist.
In his concerts, Vaudí covers everything from classic Bossa Nova or Samba, to lesser known styles such as Forró, Ijexá, Baião, frevo…

Sam Rodriguez

Born in Oviedo in 1976. He entered the Conservatorio Superior de Música Eduardo Martínez Torner (Oviedo) at the age of eight, where he obtained the title of Piano Teacher in 1999 and the Título Superior de Solfeo, Acompañamiento e Improvisación in 2002.
From then on, he began to have direct contact with Jazz, attending different courses and workshops specific to this style with teachers such as Isaac Turienzo (1996), Horacio Icasto and Julio Blasco (2001 to 2002).
Since 2004 he has been the pianist of the Rossaleda Jazz Quartet, with which he recorded the album “Rossaleda Jazz Quartet en Jazzturiano”, consisting of nine popular Asturian themes adapted for jazz quartet.

He currently combines his work as a session musician in several bands and recording studios with teaching at the “Escuela de Música Gala”, where he teaches solfège, piano, harmony and jazz.

Jorge Viejo

Jorge Viejo is a vocalist, saxophonist, composer/arranger and folk music lover, who is able to express, with a warm and direct sound, a myriad of emotions, where you can find not only his musical knowledge but also his travels, his memories, his love for his friends and his gratitude to music. – Before you start playing, immerse yourself in the essence of the music you want to play, and when you understand the beauty that lies in its roots, you can blend with it, creating from its very essence, something new, unique and sincere.” From symphonic music to modern jazz performance, he loves to play every kind of music he can imagine.

Master’s Degree at the Conservatorium Maastricht (Holland), specialising in vocal jazz, and Advanced Degree at the Conservatorio Superior de Navarra, specialising in jazz saxophone and jazz singing. Jorge Viejo is an experienced singer and saxophonist who has performed at Jazz festivals with musicians from Spain and Europe, as well as at rock and popular music festivals in America, in addition to his regular collaborations with the Symphonic Orchestra “Oviedo Filarmonía” and “Banda Municipal de Oviedo”.

He is a founding member of the Latin-jazz group JV&Carrio Latin Jazz and is currently involved in his project “Voices Across the Ocean” and in the group “I know Chet Baker”.

Mago Charlangas, our master of ceremonies

At the MusiCares World Music Festival, we will have the pleasure of being guided through our experience by the great magician Charlangas, who, as well as entertaining the changing artists, will offer us his show “Temporal“, through which we will experience magic in its purest form.

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