Located in the heart of the Valdeón Valley of the province of León in Picos de Europa, is a small town called Santa Marina de Valdeón. Surrounded by mountains, water and vegetation which paints a beautiful image of wildlife and a distinct untouched landscape. Deer are abundant here and so are the colourful wild flowers. And so, because of its pure environment, amongst other secrets that are kept deep within the woods, those who visit Camping el Cares discover a divine connection with nature. The local town food also has a distinct charm as well, alongside multiple available activities in this paradise, you’re sure to feel close to heaven.

Family hikes in Picos de Europa

See the Valdeón Valley from a unique perspective Hiking through the mountains has always been one of the easiest and most effective ways to fully immerse oneself in nature. Whether you are a child embarking on your first family trip, or an adult who has hiked all over the globe, every encounter in the Valdeón […]

Valdeón, the valley which guards the gate to the Cares route.

Valdeón is full of hidden wonders. The southern-most slope of the Picos Mountains is directly north of the Province of León. The slope is the starting point of the River Sella and is one of the world’s best conserved natural areas. The mountainside has a ‘villagey feel’ and exudes a natural rawness which give a […]

Valdeón Festivals: The magical traditions in Picos de Europa.

Disfruta las fiestas y tradiciones de Valdeón Amongst tall, rugged mountain tops and imposing nature, sits the Valdeón Valley. A magical place with ample custom, tradition, and celebration. The Valley is a nirvana which will help you blissfully forget the world and feel at home with mother nature. Enjoy this stunning setting with Camping El […]

The Covadonga and Santina lakes: everything there is to see and do.

If you plan to visit Asturias, you simply cannot miss Covadonga Park. It is one of the biggest natural wonders not only in Asturias, but the whole of Spain. Come and visit the Covadonga and Santina Lakes. The Covadonga Lakes are three glacial lakes (Lake Enol, Lake Ercina and Lake Bricial) that sit within the […]

Wholesome tourism, “a lifelong gift”

Naturalist intelligence, meaning the sentience to appreciate the subtleties of the countryside, is one of the most important traits you can instil in your child through environmental education. Simple things, like spending time together as a family camping in the Picos de Europa National Park, can be invaluable in your child’s development. Tourism with health […]