Vía Ferrata de Valdeón, a thrilling experience

The Via Ferrata de Valdeón is one of the most thrilling routes in Spain.

If you like adventure, nature and enjoying flora and fauna up close, in an unspoiled environment and away from crowds, we have what you are looking for. Today we are going to tell you about a unique route: the Via Ferrata de Cordiñanes, in the Valdeón Valley, province of León.
Promoted by the municipality of Valdeón and inaugurated in July 2016 is being a success, if we are guided by the comments of users staying at camping the Cares, (we can not help but ask with excitement and curiosity).

Located within the National Park of Picos de Europa, the via ferrata of Valdeón is simple, ideal for those who want to start in the practice of this type of itineraries that combine in a sublime way the vertical and horizontal sections.

Access to From the Mirador del Tombo, on the route from Cordiñanes to Cain, take the old path that crosses the road a little further down and continue along it until you leave it at the beginning of the Ferrata (900 meters and 115 meters downhill).

In addition, you will have the service of a guide if you wish.

The ferrata: step by step

  • Tibetan bridge Tibetan bridge of the via ferrata of Valdeón The itinerary begins with the crossing of a 35-meter long Tibetan bridge that provides beautiful perspective views of the Cares River and the limestone walls that guard it. Keep in mind that the lifeline is a little high, and it is advisable to carry a couple of extra carabiners to lengthen the dissipator.
  • Climbing 100m Next begins the climbing of a 100-meter wall. All this perfectly signposted and with the appropriate devices that allow you to enjoy the thrilling sensation of climbing but with ease and in a very safe way, even for those who have never done this sport.
  • Climbing 60m This is followed by a 60-meter wall where we can appreciate the most exciting point, with a small belly that will force us to put all our senses in the climb. This wall can be avoided, as there is a leak at this point.
  • Climbing 40m Before the 40 meter wall we find a fairly vertical descent that takes us to the fork between needles. Once we pass this last 40-meter wall, we descend 80 meters to the pass where the ferrata ends.
  • Senda Rienda de Asotín After passing the Pica del Castro and contemplating the views that surround us, is when you are invaded with more force the feeling of connection with nature and the desire to undertake new and exciting adventures. We finish the route with a comfortable path known as the Rienda de Asotín. In its little more than 1,200 meters, this path summarizes an unparalleled beauty. It is a perfectly equipped route, which has multiple steps, very close to each other, which lowers the difficulty of it. In addition, all the views that you will find keep a perfect aesthetic, as it is located in the heart of Picos de Europa, between the Central and Western massifs, in the gap that the Cares River carved for thousands of years.

An important detail is that you must request authorization on the Valdeón town hall website, and follow the rules of conduct and use of the ferrata.

At Camping el Cares you can spend the night, since it is only six kilometers from the beginning of the via ferrata of Valdeón, a strategic place from where every day we help to plan all the activities that can be done in the area. In addition to informing about the companies that are in charge of managing the different via ferratas and the material you need to do them.