Vía Ferrata de Valdeon: live the vertigo


Via Ferrata de Valdeon

If you like adventure, nature and love plants and animals, we have what you’re looking for: La Vía Ferrata de Cordiñanes. Simple, and ideal for those who seek both nature and adrenaline.

Via Ferrata de Valdeon

Stretching 115 meters, the bridge offers spectacular vistas of its surroundings. Completely safe and secure, the walkway comprises of multiple wooden slats, equally spaced out with gaps in between to allow the brave to look down as they cross, or not.

The bridge is well signposted from the motorway and so is easily accessible. Starting from the Mirador del Tombo, if you follow the Caín-Cordiñanes path, which goes under the motorway, for 900 meters you’ll soon reach the start of the bridge. Guides are also available to those who wish to use them.

THE FERRATA: step by step

  • Tibetan bridge

    Puente tibetano de la vía ferrata de Valdeón


    The route begins as it crosses a long Tibetan bridge offering a beautiful view of the valley in which the River Cares sits. Due to the height of the bridge, its recommended that extra safety precautions are taken in respect to harnesses and safety buckles.

  • Climbing 100m

    Via Ferrata de Valdeon route

    Following on from the bridge, there is an ascent of 100 meters, all signposted. Special apparatus will allow you to enjoy the amazing experience of climbing with the feeling of security and ease, even if you have never partaken in similar activities before.


  • Climbing 60m
  • Via Ferrata de Valdeon climbThe wall is climbed 60 meters upwards until it reaches its most exciting point, with a small rocky outward bulge in the mountain which forces the climbers to fully rely on the metal handles attached to the mountain face, however this wall can be avoided as there is an alternate route veering off just before.
  • Climbing 40m

    Before the 40-meter wall we find a very vertical descent that will lead us up to the fork among pine needles. Once we have passed this last 40-metre Wall, we go downhill 80 metres until the pass, the ending of the via ferrata.

    Passing La pica del Castro there is an air of tranquillity as we are surrounded by raw landscape, where the connection to nature is strongest and the desire to undertake new and exciting adventures fills many travellers.

  • Path Rienda de Asotín

    We finish the route with a comfortable climb known as La Rienda de Asotín.

    In its little more than 1,200 meters, its gorgeous path optimises the unequalled beauty of its’ location. The path is a fully equipped route, that has multiple steps very close to each other which help to make it much easier to walk.

    Furthermore, the scenery maintains a perfect, untouched aesthetic due to its location in the very heart of a national park, between the central and western massifs, in the valley carved by the River Cares for over thousands of years.

It is essential that you ask for permission from the Valdeón council through their web page. Follow the rules and regulations and the proper use of the Vía Ferrata.