Electric mountain bikes in Picos de Europa


The bicycle is a fantastic means of transport that cares for the environment and helps us to practice sustainable mobility: it reduces air pollution, our ecological footprint, carbon emissions and, in addition to being a form of healthy exercise, is a lot of fun!

 From Camping el Cares, we recommend electric bikes as the best way to enjoy the winding trails of Picos de Europa and especially the Valdeón Valley.

There are many advantages of using an e-bike and one of the biggest is that it allows us to explore the Valdeón Valley. We recommend a route that we are sure will fascinate everyone who dares to experience it. We will give you a taste of adventure!

During the day we will familiarise you with curiosities about the history, customs and festivities that enchanted the lives of the humble inhabitants of these lands. You will visit places of architectural, ethnological and even mythological interest, where imaginations will spark. And saving the best until last, we will end the day touring the famous Cares route, endowed with unmatched beauty.

But there’s more!

We guarantee you will love our e-bikes from the first minute, from the moment you push down on the pedals, they offer the security and comfort necessary to feel the wildest nature in the heart of the Picos de Europe first-hand. The descent is made by safe and well sign posted roads, and there are chances to go off-road on forest paths.

The views are so overwhelming that you’ll find yourself trying to concentrate on driving, as your eyes dance to look at all the spectacular scenery. There is always the opportunity to stop to enjoy the views and even take a photograph in complete safety.

Once in Caín and the first stage ends, you can park your bikes in one of the area’s guarded car parks.

In Caín you can have a snack, refuel and replace liquids and minerals ahead of the walk along the Cares route. Here, you can make any restaurant reservations too. Keep in mind that in the middle of summer the restaurants in the area fill up fast.

The Cares gorge is not too demanding in itself, as it is generally a flat route and easy to do. Although it may be difficult for some due to its length if we were to set out to complete the whole route (24km). For this reason, and because the first 6 km are the most interesting, we recommend completing the route with ease on e-bikes and saving energy for the return trip.

After satiating our most primal instincts with the succulent cuisine of the area, we will prepare ourselves to really put the e-bikes to the test.

As you will have already experienced the steepness of the slops by going down to Cain, the impressive gradient makes the most intrepid and experienced cyclists quiver. An unthinkable slope to do by bicycle for 90% of mortals. Well today, and thanks to electric pedal-assisted bicycles, we can undertake this challenge without posing an extreme challenge. We will approach the climb without suffering, transforming the hardest part of the route into an easy climb and a ride which is as pleasant as the descent was.

With the advantage of enjoying the scenery, listening to the waters of the Cares flow or the birds singing,  e-bikes are without a doubt the best way to move around a National Park without disturbing its inhabitants.

Rental prices:

3 hours …………………………………………………… € 40

1 whole day…………………………………………. € 50