Ecotourism in Picos de Europa, a gift for life

Ecotourism in the Picos de Europa is the best way to enhance the naturalist intelligence, , the sensitivity to appreciate the details of landscape and vegetation, one of the most important skills you can instill in your child through the environmental educationThis is achieved by making a sustainable and healthy tourism.

A simple activity, such as enjoying family time at a campsite located in the highest village of the Picos de Europa National Park, is a gift with incalculable benefits for your child’s development.

Ecotourism in Picos de Europa, where to do it?

This is a high mountain area where you can enjoy hiking routes through forests of beech, oak and holly… or approaching the imposing limestone peaks, so characteristic of the area, or knowing the famous Cares route.

It is an incentive to travel with the family to a natural destination such as the Picos de Europa, which together with Ordesa, are the oldest National Parks in Spain.

The Valdeón Valley, together with the neighboring Sajambre Valley, are the only urban centers within a National Park in Spain. It is composed of eight villages, surrounded by hundreds of mountains, where the level of preservation is very demanding and respectful.

what activities make for healthy and ecological tourism?

family workshops fauna and flora picos europa

Nature is a fundamental treasure, and human beings are part of this natural ecosystem.

For this reason, in the camping the Cares, we put ourselves at your disposal, and we have incorporated an interpreted route, games and gymkhanas with which to rediscover the world around you and thus take better care of it.

The natural environment is essential to put into practice such necessary and healthy virtues as orientation, environmental sensitivity, curiosity about the environment or simply patience.

All in an ECO-FunDay way in a pure and green environment.

Ecotourism with multiadventures

The catalog of mountain activities that bring fun and enrich family time does not end here.

A getaway in which you can do different activities such as canyoning, the via ferrata of Valdeón, cavingor get to know the surroundings by mountain biking on one of our electric bicyclesThe trip will make you spend an unforgettable journey through the magical forests of the Valdeon Valley, will mark a sweet imprint on the range of positive experiences of children and adults.

Technology VS Nature

Children are born into the technological age. The use of cell phones and tablets to entertain them causes a negative effect on their neural system.

However, through activities in contact with nature, you not only enhance your child’s knowledge of the rural environment, but also reduce stress, promote the practice of physical exercise and learn about coexistence.

In addition, other benefits of a healthy environment include breathing fresh air, appreciating the sounds of nature or simply being more aware.

Benefits of healthy and sustainable tourism

In short, contact with nature provides a pleasant sensation of well-being and family self-esteem, and at the cerebral level it favors the generation of new connections that contribute to the optimal development of the child.

Going camping as a family is an opportunity to experience a different lifestyle thanks to sustainable tourism, through which your child develops ecological values that are vital for their well-being.

A journey in which to give prominence to daily routines, for example, the magic of the sunrise or the views of the starry sky at night.

In addition, if you like to take pictures of your family trips, natural landscapes create the best color scenery to bring visual quality to the images of this getaway with which to personalize an unforgettable album.

Although the best photograph will be engraved in your memories.

More and more people are deciding to give ecotourism experiences, in which you are contributing to improve the environment and also favor sustainable tourism and local development in the Picos de Europa. Give an Ecotourism experience as a gift.

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